TempleBuilders.com and Exemplar.biz (our business name), partners with a class 'A' provider to
ensure unparalleled quality of service (QOS).  This QOS is what separates good web host firms from the rest!

Interested in signing up?  Call me at 863.838.5888 (best on weekends or EST 8pm to 10pm)
Newark, New Jersey; San Jose, California and London, U.K.
Each center is staffed 24 x 7 with highly trained, experienced support engineers.

Speed - Powered by OC48 -192 backbones.
Intelligent Routing - We utilize BGP to provide intelligent, fail-safe routing. We route your users to the fastest available connection to ensure maximum connection speed and virtually eliminate down time.
Scalability - Our partner buys transit from 10 Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Qwest and Level 3 and has over 4GB of provisioned data capacity.
Redundancy - Built-in redundancy through multiple redundant network connections and redundant router and switch configuration.

Physical Security
Our facilities are manned with 24/7 security personnel. Badge/photo ID access screening as well as biometric access screening are employed for an added level of security. We have installed a dual door floor trap design for access to the raised floor area, and we require escorts to gain access to raised floor areas. Sensitive security areas within the center are protected by motion sensors and security breach alarms, and video cameras installed throughout the center are continuously monitored by security personnel.

Network Security
All of our systems are designed to maintain a quality of service throughout the network by prioritizing packets to maintain an order of precedence of services. Each network device is equipped to filter out DOS attacks. We also offer intelligent, multilayer access control that can be utilized to protect the network from the impact of attacks while reducing the risk of inadvertently discarding legitimate traffic.

TempleBuilders.com partners with a Class 'A' Infrastructure provider to offer you unparalleled quality of service (QOS).

Backup Power
Our partner furnishes dual power availability to each rack unit from independent power distribution units (PDUs), removing PDU loss as a single point of failure. To ensure stable connectivity, we provide a redundant Need+1 (N+1) design of uninterruptible power supplies utilizing two separate commercial power feeds from two separate power grids to provide power to the center. Five redundant standby generators guarantee consistent operation in the event of a power failure from commercial power. These generators are equipped with 72 hours of diesel fuel on site, and two contractors are on call to refuel to the storage tanks.
Disaster Control
Our world-class facilities feature seismically braced racks and are designed to withstand disastrous conditions, ensuring that your systems and equipment continue to run even under extreme conditions. A second point of presence is always available to clients seeking fail-safe redundancy.
Environmental Controls
Our partner has implemented a Need+1 (N+1) design of cooling towers, water pumps and chillers to maintain a controlled environment. Conditions are a uniform 72 with 50% relative humidity. Multiple air handling units provide another level of redundancy to further ensure consistently sound environmental conditions.
Fire Protection
Fire detection and suppression systems ensure 24/7 operation of your critical systems. Dual fire detection (photo electronic/ionization and sniffer) systems are in place to constantly monitor for any potential areas of concern. A multi-zone pre-action dry pipe suppression system allows any suppression necessary to be contained to the affected area; conditions elsewhere will not be disrupted.
Network Uptime Guarantee
Our partner guarantees that the network will be available 99.999% of the time, excluding scheduled maintenance.
Server Hardware Guarantee
Our partner guarantees the hardware components on any server that we supply and will replace any failed component at no cost to the customer.
Service Level Agreements
Our partner guarantees its services with industry leading SLA's. Areas of coverage include but are not limited to: network uptime and access speed, specific response and escalation procedures and the replacement and/or maintenance of hardware and software.