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Tim Cooper
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Praise & Worship songs | Praise and Worship music
TempleBuilders.com can give you the exposure that you need to get your music out there to the masses.  Simply send us a full-length MP3 file of your feature song with an email granting us permission use.  You may also send us an entire CD and we will encode 1 song for FREE.  We will post your song in all our appropriate categories.  TempleBuilders.com gets 20 million hits per year and is rapidly growing.

Send inquiry to the "John Robert Lucas" email address, located at the bottom of this page.

Kingdom Praise (No longer in business)
He Who Dwells

Awake O Zion

Be Ye Strong / Shout Joy

Lord of Hosts

Shout For Joy

I Will Exalt You / I Cry

I Want To Praise You

Holy! Mighty! King of Glory

  Prophetic music by Lily Band

Holy Spirit Fragrance

  Daryl Hassler: Well Done Music

Take Me In

Well Done

Oh God

Barry & Batya Segal

Hodu l'Adonai

Hallelu et Adonai

Sh'ma Yisrael

To The Praise of His Glory Church
Cornelius, NC : Pastor Barry E. Taylor

Praise service #1

Praise service #2

Jesus Lifted

Crossing over to Jordon | Dianne Palmer

Liberated Wailing Wall
(External Links: sometimes slow)

David's Hope

He Will Return

Messianic Joy

Times and Seasons

(External Links: sometimes down)

The Year of Jubilee

LAMB in Concert


Songs for the Flock

Jonathan Settel
(External Link: )

Songs of Israel

Hendricks Family

Mighty One of Israel



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