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Is God telling you to grow up?

Ready to go to the
next level?

Temple Builders is for you!

Temple Builders: The High Calling
  John Robert Lucas: "Temple Builders: The High Calling"

Table of Contents


Introduction: Laying the Foundation 11

What Can We Expect in this Book?

The Calling of a Temple Builder

Temple Builder Abandonment

Dealing with Issues

A Challenging Message

Prevalent Obstacles

Finally My Brethren

Letís Start Our Journey

Chapter 1: It Is How You Finish That Counts 19

The Art of Dying

Doctrine Is Important

The Restoration of Right Thinking

Balance, Not Extremes

Voice in the Wilderness

A Way Less Traveled

Consider Your Ways

Chapter 2: Show the House to the House 37

Jesus: Godís Blueprint for Meat-Eaters

Called to a More Excellent Way

The Frustration of Growing

Painful Growth

Growing Means Breaking

Chapter 3: Sit at Godís Table 47

The Ministers: The Table Waiters

Types of Servers

Getting Bad Service?

Picky Eaters

Puzzle Pieces

God Serves You Bread Not Stone

A Hard Saying

Table of Affliction

Chapter 4: The Real Jesus 69

An Image That Rescues

False Views

Corporate View

Chapter 5: Progress in the Tabernacle81

The Tabernacle of Moses

We Need Both

It Is Our Choice

Seeing Is Believing

A Permanent House

Temples of God

Wheat and Tares

Chapter 6: Be Ye Perfect 101

Be Ye Telios

Receive the Baton

Chapter 7: Pressing Towards the Mark 113

Living According to the Pattern

The Jesus Blueprint

Paul the Blueprint

Spiritual DNA: Godís Blueprint for Life

God Was UnzippedóNow We Are Unzipped

The Way of Perfection

The Temple Foundation

My Book of Fire

Chapter 8: How God Matures Us 133

Grace in Affliction

Sorting out Affliction

Time for Brokenness

Chapter 9: Imitation Brings Illumination 143

Boasting in Christ

Todayís Examples

A Suffering Messiah

Fire Causes Fruit Bearing

Chapter 10: Test of Responses 157

God Sends Scouts into the Land

Godís True Land

How to Behave in Church

True Forgiveness: Binding and Loosing

The Two-Witness Pattern

The Second Coming

Jesus: The Branch of God

Chapter 11: The Purpose of Affliction 183

Healer of Your Broken Heart

Old Testament Suffering

Chapter 12: The Job Kind of Affliction 195

Jobís Problem

Jobís Unrighteousness

Jobís Response

Jobís Discourse

Elihu the Prophet

The Root Purpose of Affliction

Sow to the Spirit

The Purpose of Bodily Affliction

Paul Was Sick

Epilogue: Summer Is Here 225

The End of Summer

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