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Is God telling you to grow up?

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Temple Builders is for you!

Temple Builders: The High Calling

John Robert Lucas:

"Temple Builders: The High Calling"

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not for the Faint-hearted!, August 9, 2006
By  T. Hall "wubmeister" (New York)
Had I read this book even two years ago, I am certain I would not have comprehended the Temple Builder message.

The author John Robert Lucas presents his ideas in a dense and intricately woven text--most assuredly strong but necessary meat for any Christian.

To avoid indigestion, however, I suggest reading no more than one chapter at a sitting! I believe the message contains a spiritual imperative for the contemporary church.

The path toward true maturity in Christ is not easy, not cheap, and not for the faint-hearted.

I highly recommend this book to those (especially) who find themselves in the "dark night of the soul", and are searching for understanding and hope for tomorrow.

Temple Builders, March 21, 2005
Reviewer: J. Williams (Cleveland, Ohio USA)
The Truth of Jesus Christ is the basis for our faith and this anointed author clearly directs you to the Truth. Not a truth revelation that someone else is preaching, but the Truth straight from God's Spirit.

This book is a serious book that will cause you to prayerfully examine possible deception in your Christian walk. It clearly directs the reader to inspect and examine what they have been taught based solely upon the Word of God.

5 out of 5 stars Anointed book, June 7, 2004

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  Reviewer: audranet from Quebec, Canada
This book is one that you won't read just once. I first read Temple Builders a few years ago and have sent it to other friends. God used its insights to confirm so many things that He was speaking to me.

If you really want to get an eternal perspective, this book is life changing. Every believer should read this one.

5 out of 5 stars The 2nd Best Book, June 18, 2004
  Reviewer: Jeremy Matthew from USA
I have read and finished this book. The only book better than this is the Bible. This author is definitely the torch carrier for God.

There is no other book on the market today like it. I will carry this book with my Bible. It reveals truths from God no other book has. I am surprised that this book is not a bestseller. Pick up this book and your relationship with God will never be the same again.


Testimonies from inside "Temple Builders" Book:

I have experienced many situations where the revelation shown to me through your book saved me from disaster, confusion, or brought correction just in the nick of time for situations that suddenly came upon my life.

—Pastor Tom Marxen


This book is the most balanced and most needed in the church today. It has caused me to grow up and to look at the Lord in a light of understanding I have never experienced before.

—Daniel Olson


This book has put stripes on my soul and immersed me in a God kind of Love.

—Gayla Brunet


This message, happily, cannot be stuffed into the intellect...this message calls for decision, embrace, and “eating.”

—Helen Whaley


I have finally accepted my calling in the fullness of His glory—for His purposes.

—Angela Carroll


I read your book at least once a week to keep insights fresh.

—Damian R. Windley


Through the chapter “Sit at God’s Table,” the Holy Spirit intensely searched and revealed my will, and my choice of food on the table! In light of His Word and His Will, I desire Jesus’ choice of food now and tomorrow…I will be even more different from what I am today.

—Gayla Brunet


“Sit at God’s Table” hit a nerve…I have repented and have already learned a lesson. I will be more merciful and compassionate in the future.

—Linda Keith


As I read the chapters…revelations pour through my being…revelations that I had no idea about.

—Angela Carroll


It spoke to me right where I am at, confirming, expanding, and tying together many things that the Lord has shown me over the past few years.

—Laura Clark


The “Army of God” is now in full swing, and I was personally recruited into this mighty army through this book.

—David Martin


Bless you for your courage to write the truth that has taken my spiritual life into the courtyard of the Lord.

—Pastor Davis


This was a book that I had to pray my way through because I want to fully live these truths.

—Helen Whaley


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