Temple Prophetic Teachings prophetic teaching of temple of God
by John Robert Lucas
Temple of God Prophetic Teachings

Temple of God: Prophetic Teaching

Chapter 2
Show the House

Ezek 43:10

Thou son of man, shew the house to the house of Israel, that they may be ashamed of their iniquities: and let them measure the pattern.

All of us are called to make disciples; we are called to instruct others in God’s ways. We are called to SHOW THEM THE HOUSE. What “iniquity” was the “house of Israel” ashamed of in the above scripture? The iniquity of building their house instead of God’s house. The iniquity of the house of Israel was revealed to them AS the “Son of Man” showed them the house that God is building. Likewise, when you show others the house that God is building – it will reveal their iniquity. As you show the “temple” to the “temple” it is up to them to “measure the pattern”. Indeed, it is up to them to examine the pattern. As you teach the temple that God is building, it will be up to them to see the rule, the "detailed plan", and the pattern by which they should have walked. Let them become "measured" by this standard, and walk accordingly. We cannot cause them to see if they have their eyes closed; we cannot make them walk if they refuse to move. We must show them “HOW” they can walk, and we must show them the “house” that God is building. Every one of us is CALLED to be temple builders and every one of us is CALLED to have God’s temple – BUILT IN US. God always uses His “blueprint” or “pattern” to build His temple.

The blueprint of this temple is very detailed but God gives grace sufficient. The blueprint is simply stated “TRUTH”! Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Knowing Jesus as our Way causes us to abandon our own ways. When we abandon our own way it will join us together with others who have done the same – putting us on the same path. Knowing Jesus as our Truth will give us the correct knowledge of the Son – giving us the pattern to build by. Knowing Jesus as our Life will cause the fruit in our life to mature causing us to grow to the proper height – and that is how we must ultimately show others the pattern - by our life’s example. This is quite Important - if we have not seen Jesus’ way demonstrated in our life then the reason lies with us - WE HAVE YET TO ABANDON OUR WAYS AND ACCEPT HIM AS TRUTH! We cannot blame it on the pastor or other ministers we have received from, we are the ones that are accountable. Jesus will lead the sheep that have a true hunger for Truth - to His servants that feed it. If you do not gain the hunger for “strong meat” then the table Jesus sets before you will contain multiple containers of milk. We may think our milk is meat but our appetite that lacks the “true hunger for strong meat” - deceives us. Churches are full of people content with milk and hold doctrines that change very little from year to year.

A diet of milk will limit our effectiveness in temple building. Milk diets produce truth that is obscure and veiled with reproductive capabilities that impart to others only the most foundational truths. If we have not been building in the lives of others “the Truth that sets free” then we have not truly seen Him in great measure as Truth. When we are attacked by others and respond by being defensive, we truly have lacked the Life that overcomes evil with good. We will never walk in God’s Life with much degree unless we go through Truth. We will never demonstrate God’s character without knowing the Blueprint that God is revealing.

Though this pattern, this blueprint is detailed, the Father has always made Truth – SIMPLE. Man is the one who took scripture and made it complicated by “thinking more highly of himself then he ought”. By God’s grace, Jesus shall be presented in these following pages as – simple and yet detailed. God made Truth simple so as to EXCLUDE no one. Man will complicate Truth so as to exclude you from fulfilling the purposes of God. We will examine some of the teachings in the present day church that exclude instead of include. No doubt all of us have been put in certain bondage because of these “excluding doctrines”. God will certainly set you free the moment you SEE that the nature of these “excluding teachings” that bind you are not the nature that is Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit will then reveal the Truth that always "includes" those that follow Jesus. These scholarly men have a gift and yet it was used as a gift apart from the Holy Spirit as their teacher. God has likewise given me a great gift of researching things out and though it is a God given gift I have considered it as worthless in order that I might know Jesus instead. (Phil. 3:9). It is at this point that the gift becomes a useable tool to God. In my life it took the chastisements of the Holy Spirit in circumstances to occur first so that when this precious gift is used it would be a tool in the Master’s hand instead of my hand.

Called To A More Excellent Way

1 Corinthians 13:1

But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

The Apostle Paul spoke of a “more excellent way”; in our walk in the Spirit there is a “more excellent way”. Do not be content to stay at the place in Christ that you are at NOW. If you want to progress to know Jesus more and to be a believer that is “like Christ”, this message will aid in completing that desire. The “more excellent way” that Paul speaks of… is a “more mature way”.

When I was saved in 1979, I “preached” to others, in the zeal of God, even as one that had experienced life from death. God honored my endeavors even though I was newly born. I therefore saw these labors producing results and yet God speaks loudly – deliverance from Egypt (world) brings zeal and excitement BUT a desert life (affliction) lies before you. What am I saying? Many times when we come out of the kingdom of darkness (the world, Egypt), we are like Moses and the Israelites, who experienced great rejoicing in song on the other side of the Red Sea. Many of us experienced great rejoicing because of our deliverance; however Moses and the Israelites came to a desert place - afterwards. Likewise, for us there is trial and tribulation - afterwards. We can choose another way but it will not be God’s “more excellent way”. We cannot remain in our infant and “baby stages” and expect God to always bless our endeavors. God will wean you even as a mother weans her baby off her continuous supply of milk. God in the same manner will cause you to SEEK OUT His “more excellent food”.

This book has a focus primarily on the “more excellent way”. For instance, if you were one that has no daily time in the scriptures, one could minister in regards to the need for you to spend a small portion of your day in God’s word. Certainly this would be of the Lord and would be edifying to those that spend no time in God’s Word, however the purpose here is to examine the “more excellent way” of God. Instead we would focus on the heart of the psalmist who meditated day and night on God’s words. Therefore the calling of this book is to bring you to God’s desired END wherever you may be in your walk. Some focus on your next step and certainly this would be of the Lord, some focus on an elementary aspect of walking, this is also of the Lord, however the anointing here is to provide a view of “the endings” God has called us to. The focus here will be to provide the Wisdom of the Lord to SEE the traps that the enemy has laid ahead (in affliction) and (in false teachings). All of us will enviably encounter these things in our race yet our hope is that your race will be a race that possesses a finishing line that you are called and destined to arrive at. By God’s grace we will provide ANSWERS that give great hope of finishing.

The Desire to Grow Up

Understanding “the more excellent way” principle is important in our growth. Have you ever gotten impatient concerning your spiritual growth? This impatience can produce frustration and will continue until you understand this principle. The reason some of us get discourage in our maturity is because we see ahead. We see what God’s end desire is for us, we see a calling that God has on our life and yet we have not walked in it yet. , a minister and friend, has a saying “immature is not impure”. We see our immaturity and then we beat ourselves up over it. As you read books like this one you will see a more mature way that God wants you to walk in. The danger here is that you see it but you cannot walk in it yet and therefore you get frustrated. When my son was 8 years old he wanted to be an adult. He yearned to be an adult and to experience the things of adulthood. What he did not realize that we as adults we do realize - is that “adulthood is not what it is cracked up to be”.

We want to grow up and experience adulthood and yet we are mere 8 year olds. We think, “If we were just an adult then all will be well”. Adulthood is a time of great freedom to do what we want, it is a time where we have ability to do things we could not do before but it is also a time where we become accountable on a much larger scale, and it is also a time of responsibility. You are destined to be a mature adult Christian but it is your choice. You should choose this course and if you are reading this book then I assume you have already chosen this course. But after seeing adulthood we tend to focus like my son did on its advantages, its rewards instead of its responsibilities. A child should never undertake the accountability of adulthood because they have not sufficiently experienced the dealings of life.

As “child Christians” we want the “adult Christian” experience and have not sufficiently experienced the dealings of the Holy Spirit. My advice to my son was to enjoy the maturity level that he is walking in and yet be continuing a habitual walk towards adulthood. It is needful to view what adulthood looks like, but not just the advantages and rewards. It is needful to view the sufferings and trials through the dealings of the Holy Spirit that must be PASSED, in order to get there. It is needful to know that when you get there that the accountability is much greater. Scriptures says that life and death is in the power of the tongue, and when you become a Christian then that principle is amplified. As you grow in the Lord, God deals with your tongue and He causes you to continually release control of it for His good purposes, He becomes the governor of your tongue much more as you grow. Now as you arrive at adulthood we see God and the hosts of heaven performing what God’s adult offspring have said – as the scripture says “the power of the tongue results in good or evil”. Because of the higher accountability level the consequences of unruliness and disobedience in the mature ones’ tongue is greater. This is the principle that we see in the world system and yet it is more important in the “nature of spiritual life”. The best example in scripture is seen in the two witnesses. The must utter forth judgments of their enemies as often as they will, therefore God must really trust them in the area of their tongue.

In the world there are physical 30-year-olds that act like babies. In the spirit there are 30-year-old Christians; acting like they just got born again. This is not the pattern God has designed; it is a deviated design of nature. We teach our kids as responsible parents to prepare them for adulthood; the key word here is “prepare”. We teach our kids the principles of life, knowledge, and training for that ultimate day. The main purpose of doctrine in the church is – to train us in God’s ways in preparation for adulthood. Bad parents that do not raise their kids properly turn out kids that become irresponsible and though the children age they never become mature. For instance, if they were not trained in work ethics growing up then most likely they will have no work ethics when they join the work force. Most employers can testify to the decline of work ethics in different societies that can be attributed to “how kids are being raised”. These natural observations are important in spiritual observations.

My hope is to prepare you for adulthood. By God’s grace the Holy Spirit can use these teachings as a tool to instruct in righteousness that produces adulthood. As you learn and see then you must just “walk towards” these goals, these finishing lines. If God reveals to us the power of the tongue it is shocking to see ourselves speaking immaturity but remember, “immature is not impure”, however when the Holy Spirit convicts we must repent and change our course immediately. We must “WALK TOWARDS” - that is what is entailed in repentance and turning your direction. Do not get frustrated and try to grow up too fast. Accept the dealings and lessons of the Holy Spirit that are set before you today. Submit and yield to those dealings and you will simply grow up. The desire to grow does not cause the growth it simply puts you walking in the direction towards growth. It is the accepting of rain and light that usher growth; it is a growth that causes the shell of the seed to break, the ground to break and a bud that must break forth to issue fruit which is the life that others eat of. You are destined to fruit bearing but you must be content with breaking the soil if that is where you are.

In the spiritual principles we find that our life can be categorically at a stage of growth but God deals with us in one area at a time. He shows us a place or maybe two places that He is dealing with you for growth NOW. God deals with us in the now, and right now He has His finger on an area of our life to break and then grow. The bottom line is we will see in books like this what bearing fruit looks like and what is entailed to get there. By God’s ability we show you how to run the race, where the finishing line is and how to get there – but your part is to hide these things in your heart and apply NOW only that which concerns where you are in this part of the course.

As an example, I knew years ago the importance of speaking words that only impart life. God taught me that the words I would speak would one day be comparable to the words Jesus spoke. Whereas Jesus spoke only on His Father’s authority, I would speak one day only on Jesus’ authority. The frustration of knowing that is hard; years have gone by and I am still far from that finishing line. I have learned that though this is a place in God that He desires, yet I must be content with where I am today in this race and let God figure out how and when I will get to that finishing line. We know in America that we have arrived at adulthood at 18 years old. In the spiritual walk we see dimly in the reference of time. We always want God to do a quick work. We expect that we will arrive shortly but in actuality a quick work comes only through much revelation of God’s way intermingled with extreme affliction to teach us the discipline of the Holy Spirit. If you respond to affliction immediately with the nature and response of Jesus, then we are catapulted quicker to the finishing line. If we pitch a fit and kick, scream and moan as our immediate response then we grow slower. If we refuse the dealing of the Holy Spirit concerning the affliction then we do not grow at all. If you continually reject the dealings of the Holy Spirit then you simply die spiritually, you go back to the starting line. We must press forward as an Olympic runner – seeing the goal.

In conclusion God has a more excellent way of being FULL GROWN. We must discover this truth first and separate it from the foundational truth of God. After seeing what this full-grown adulthood looks like we must learn the course of how we get there. After we see the course then we must run with aim towards that finishing line. We must train hard to finish; we must endure a flesh crying out for us to stop this insanity. We must not faint when we come across obstacle after obstacle. We must receive from God the ability, the grace to run the course before us today and trust Him to get us further along in the course tomorrow. It is not about how healthy our body is; it is not about how great our training is, it is simply about having a relationship with our Trainer and trusting in His instruction and His strength to get us down the road. Yesterday’s course is a testimony of that instruction, that training, and “that trusting” in His ability. Let your previous running be a testimony of how real our God is and how much He loves His children that He has mercy on them and gives grace to accomplish all of His desires – in the Earth.

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