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by John Robert Lucas
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Distractions: A Prophetic Teaching

Chapter 23

This is a chapter where I get on my soap box somewhat. The example is set when Paul would write scripture through his own personality, his view, and even his preferences and yet reflective of God. Because of the measure of God in Him, it was edifying to us. At times, he gave truth in a more permissible sense and yet “if acted upon” it would bring the believer to an even higher call. This is a truth; God has things in your course that if you choose the right-turn path, His will is done. God also has things in your course that if you choose the left-turn path, His will is done. God may want you to choose left because it is a higher call, an even more excellent way that can reach even more people for His Name sake. This relates to sharing a word that contains a challenge, an edification, and yet a preference. This can be done immaturely and will sound like law or it can be done more maturely and come across with preference and permissiveness – yet showing a better course. May God’s grace be on me to communicate a more excellent way instead of mere law.

When your heart is on God’s altar, the work of the Holy Spirit’s “convicting ministry” will change as you grow. At first you lay there with your heart open bare, God deals with you so that you can continue your journey in a state cleaner than you were before. Sometime afterwards God will pull out the magnifying glass; it will examine your heart a little closer. The spots of your heart may not be as noticeable to a passerby but under God’s magnifying glass your blemish is highlighted. Then later on, as you are obtaining the mature walk, the passerby may see nothing, the magnifying glass picks up nothing but now your heart is slipped under the microscope. A new world of blemishes will appear. “Lord was that in me?” God will have it dealt with and as you continue following Jesus, the power setting for magnification will be turned up - unto the day of the Lord. I say all of that to let you know that the areas we are dealing with here in this chapter is “microscope oriented”.

The issue being dealt with is distraction and if God is speaking to you, then grace is available to walk in the ways of “no distraction”. However, for some of us this will be one of those pieces of the puzzles that we may have to set to the side for now, until these other areas are dealt with first. Just remember the piece is there and should not be ignored. The bottom line is this, if you cannot walk in a purity where “obvious sin” has been dealt with, then you may find it hard to walk in the “even more excellent way” in which we are discussing here.

1 Cor 7:35

And this I say for your own profit, not that I may put a leash on you, but for what is proper, and that you may serve the Lord without distraction. (NKJ)

Paul taught the Corinthians to avoid marriage if possible. Why? To serve the Lord without distraction! We will not be teaching the avoidance of marriage here, however we will be teaching about other things that distract. Remember this – EVERY DISTRACTION IS TAKING YOU AWAY FROM THE FEET OF JESUS. We belong at the feet of Jesus; we belong in His presence… that is where we are designed to be. We are living in the age of distractions, an age that is designed to replace your place "at His feet" with something else, anything else – GOOD OR BAD. This is sometimes the most subtle trap the enemy will place on the road ahead, to ensnare you with, therefore we will spend some time to cause you to avoid the trap BEFORE you get caught in its entices.

My means of living comes through the technology field, so I am not anti-technology, in fact I see God using technology in the last days just as God has always used technology throughout the ages. However that same technology can be a great distraction. First off, I know Christians that love the computer gaming technology, but I have watched this same technology provide an effective distraction that has caused hours of addicting “game play” and only an “occasional visit” to the feet of Jesus. Even for the minister of God we can witness that computer entertainment can zap from them the anointing of God – it is an “anointing robber”! God will allow the activity, but going past moderation is our warning here. There are many technological activities that can cause poor stewardship of your time especially the “television entertainment center”. It is time that we deal with these things by bringing moderation to our lifestyles and remember to only do activities that you can remain, abiding in Jesus. It is easy to get “caught up” in these things yet we must only be “caught up” in Christ. Make Jesus… Lord over the technology of your life! No one can dictate to you how much time to do anything, this is the working out of your salvation. NOTE: Walking in this admonition of moderation will cause the fruit of temperance to grow.

We should be consumed with the Gospel, we must be consumed with knowing Him, and His blueprint must overwhelm us, it must overwhelm our entire life and the lives of others. Satan will try to get us off course and sometimes he will try to make it sound “Christian”. It could be an overemphasis on something good but not God. For example, there are those that are Christians that have left the feet of Jesus and left the ministry of “fathering others” for things that only profit the natural life. This could be the health of one’s body. God desires us to take care of our body yet not at the price of leaving Him. “One’s body” has to do with YOU; an unsound doctrine concerning the maintenance of your body will cause you to be “self-conscious” instead of “God conscious”. The devil will cause fear about things that can hurt the body and will cause you to do abnormal things to PRESERVE IT. Self-preservation must die in you if you are to become a father to spiritual children.

The same principle is used for those caught up in teachings of excessive hoarding of food for future earthly destruction. For us to live is Christ and to die is gain, why bind yourself to this earth any more than what you already are. I have a redemptive body waiting according to scripture and I long for it, I hope for it – not for this earthly one. Be a faithful steward over your body and let God handle the rest. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things will be added to your life – and be assured that if He adds them then they are from heaven. Another distraction is seen in food and possessions that are excessively hoarded for future famine or disaster – these hoardings  will bring no testimony to the Lord and will be a product of your leaning on the arm of flesh. Our body can be a distraction but allow God’s grace to go forth to “set you” in the only body that matters – the body of Christ. Now if you get a word of the Lord as Joseph did to store grain, I am not here to hinder you. I am speaking to the part of man that desires SELF-PRESERVATION.


There are many doctrines that have only one design – to distract. We have talked about heresy but there are "other doctrines" that will cause you to get your eyes off of Jesus and onto the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We sometimes call it a tangent, a rabbit trail. The teachings we are discussing are ones that introduce SPECULATIONS. This is very important, please listen carefully. Speculation is a product of the flesh, not the Spirit. Speculation is taking something the Holy Spirit is NOT speaking to you, and bringing knowledge to it. It fills the vague image of God’s plan with something that you think has clarity. It is a vapor and it is temporal. Speculation may seem enjoyable because it fulfills the need of the Adamic nature to eat from the wrong tree. Theory is a result of speculation; we are prone to guess what God has not revealed. This is idle and unproductive and more importantly will bring us away from the feet of Jesus.

One example of this, that is seen in the church, would be the “teachings and visions of heaven”. God has revealed very little about certain topics, there is a reason why. God does not reveal in scripture that which He knows will be a distraction away from Him and His plan, this includes heaven. Jesus came from heaven and walked on the Earth and yet never described heaven except that there was the “Father’s house” there and within that house the Greek language says there are dwellings or rooms. That gives us nothing for the imagination because Jesus gave us no description of how it looked and Jesus also does not indicate if the Father’s house is as one may depict an earthly house. In telling us about a “house with many rooms” we can see a symbol representing our relationship with the Father; He is a Father Who wants you in His House – close to Him, as a Son. Man who wishes to know something not revealed will claim heavenly visions with detailed descriptions. The irony is that most of these see big mansions, normally side by side, and sometimes with lawns. The problem is that the word “mansions” in King James Version was a total mistranslation. It was a Greek word meaning dwelling place or rooms, abodes. This is how the same Greek word was used a little further down in the same passage.

John 14:23

Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode (mansion) with him.

This is what God gives a picture of; our house and His house being the SAME HOUSE. There will be no separate houses and there are no mansions according to scripture – the rest is speculation and misinformation. God gives us examples of truth in scripture to keep our head on straight. The Apostle Paul was one who saw heaven; he went there for real. What was his response? What he heard he could not speak and what he saw he would not show. Therefore according to scripture the one today who says he went to heaven and does not tell us is more likely the one who may have really went to heaven instead of the one who “says he went” yet described what he saw. Even John who described details of the City of God, the New Jerusalem does not give too much knowledge about what it really looks like or what life is like there. Why have we meditated upon such matters and speculated upon that which is not revealed? To distract away from what is most impor tant, which is, remaining at the feet of Jesus. Also, spe culation is designed to distract us from being a temple builder in the lives of others.

There was an elderly man in my church that was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live by the doctors. In telling his situation before the church, his response gave an awesome reality of what pleases God. He was caught up in the pleasure of seeing the face of Jesus; and he never mentioned a place. God spoke instantly to me, that this is what pleases God. If God told us the details of eternity – the place, it would distract as well as detract from eternity – the Person. Let us be consumed with the Person and give no thought as to the place. If you have believed these supposed visions of heaven and are convicted of this truth, then you should repent, for the scriptures teach that we should not have believed such a message even if an angel visited us and spoke it.

As the day of the Lord approaches there will be more temptation to try to figure out “how it will happen”. We must not get caught up in this either. Again, wait on God to reveal, self-revelation will deceive. The last days will have more distractions than any age before it - for the purpose of sifting. If you are playing games with God, if you are not serving God with the whole heart then you will quickly slip into one of these seducing devices. Fear God and walk soberly! What seems harmless will cause a falling away, at least in certain areas of your life. In moderation, some of these issues are permissible, but going too far causes deception. For some the distractions will be their work, for others it may be “get rich quick schemes”; with some entertainment, vacations, political activism, current events, education, vitamins & herbs, hobbies, obsessions … the list goes on and on of the traps the devil has set for us and he usually knows what buttons to push to get you away from God. We always have time to do what WE want to do. Make the sacrifice of time to stay at His feet. Redeem the time my friend because the days are evil.

Distractions will tug and war in our life until the day of “poured out judgment” – then the tug and war will cease for the people of God. Why is that? Because fire will go forth and you will choose “His feet” or will be led by the feet of another. It will be a day of laying down your life because of the life you had been abiding in or it will be a day that your life will be taken from you. For the mature it will be a day of getting your full attention, to use you to bring the world to God’s final attention. Sometimes we are not as far from obsession in these areas as we think.

In the last days the most seducing doctrines will be the ones that follow the scriptures very closely but entice you to receive truth apart from the Holy Spirit your teacher. Scriptures pertaining to Revelation will continue to be taught apart from the Holy Spirit Who is Teacher. Scriptures will be used to justify each seducing doctrine but the end shall be a distraction that leads to death. Whether its doctrines like “Bible codes” or doctrines like “the lost tribes of Israel”, they are designed to seduce and distract. They may seem harmless but they are very harmful because you put yourself in the territory of the enemy.

Any biblical teachings can become distracting if we pick and choose what we want to learn from God. The tree of Life is a receiving from God what He wants you to know through relationship. You do not have carte blanche to receive whatever you want in knowledge just because “it is written”. The more excellent way of God is to know Jesus the Word of God and eat TODAY’S PORTION of Jesus the Manna from heaven. This revelation of “today’s portion” is not understood by most of the church world. When they open their Bibles, they choose their bread, their doctrine and the topic to be read. Instead they should open their Bibles and experience Jesus in relationship. Instead they should open their Bibles and let the Holy Spirit sit down with them to show them what the scriptures mean.

One of the most painful things as a believer that you can experience is to see close Christian friends get caught up in the extremes of life – and start to spiritually die. Sometimes the extremes start as new revelation such as “the ministry of spiritual warfare”. This is a revelation where there is a truth from heaven that gets perverted in the level of preoccupation that the believer spends – thinking, talking, and doing it. In actuality, Satan was already defeated on the cross, and not only Satan was defeated there but also the natural man – Adam. To  depict this we see three people being crucified at the same time – this is not coincidental. We see Jesus being the Branch Who is cut off, and we see a second man (Adam) who confesses his sin, who confesses his nature and ASKS for remembrance. This thief represents all of us, none are righteous, and we are all thieves in Adam. Jesus includes the thief (Adam) into the kingdom of God. He represents all of us that confess that we are in Adam, lost and deserving of hell, and we ask to be included. Lets get specific now about what areas we can fall into.

There was another thief on the cross and he left his calling card – “if thou be the Christ” then rescue yourself”. The thief always speaks – SELF-PRESERVATION! “If thou be the Son of God – turn these stones into bread”. Satan’s strategy as a thief to you says, “preserve thyself instead of hanging on this cross”. The extremes of Christians are many times a heeding of  Satan’s request to preserve yourself. This manifests in things like “hoarding of food and drink” in the guise of wise practical preparation. In reality it is nothing more than believing a bad report of “the land” and preserving yourself from the giants that seem much larger than you. We see this manifest in hoarding of weapons as well. If attacked, we think we can protect ourselves from chaos through natural defenses. Christians that are deaf to God’s voice are most prone to these immaturities.

We see Christians losing focus of the promise and getting into the extremes of anti-government movements and conspiracies. Some desire not to render to Caesar the very tax that Jesus rendered to His Caesar at the time. The Roman government of Jesus’ time was “more wicked” than most current governments and yet Jesus and the early Church had the true response that satisfies God – to love not your life unto death. One specific Christian ministry went as far as to deem themselves as sovereign and are not subject to the laws and taxes of the government that they reside in. These are the responses that exist in may Christians in the church. They can be quite well-meaning and yet fall into all type of conspiracy theories. The bottom line is we can all fall into traps like this if we are not careful. We must ask ourselves, “why am I doing this thing that takes up a large percentage of my conversation and time?”, “Do I see the early apostles involved in these activities, our behavior, and our “mind set” that we are manifesting?”

There is wisdom in safety, in preparing for disasters in geographies that are prone to such things, and in positioning ourselves when God speaks that a coming tragedy will occur. In 70ad we saw Jerusalem fall by the hand of Romans, a judgment from God on a people that destroyed themselves from within. The Christians had relocated prior to the internal seditions that were occurring, and prior to the fall of the walls of Jerusalem. They relocated by the WILL OF GOD NOT BE THE FEAR OF MAN. This is an example of heeding God’s voice which protects instead of heeding circumstances and man’s voice which responds in self-preservation. Simply, it is hearing God’s voice and responding to what He is saying, not into self-endeavors that cause us to do things that are not edifying. Taking thought as to these conspiracy theories will distract from the feet of Jesus. Some try to Christianize the speculations with things such as “the mark of the beast” and electronic commerce. One can start predicting how these scriptures are going to be fulfilled but the truth is what Jesus is saying. If Jesus is not revealing how these things will be fulfilled then it is pointless and vain to mediate on these matters.

The final distraction is church politics. Church members get caught up in church gossip, church affairs, who has left the church, who is not living right, and who is trying to get more political power. Not withstanding how foolish all of these things appear to our Lord Who bought us; but it prevents the concentration on prayer in the house of God. It is a distraction that has destroyed countless people who desired to live for God but stumbled when they witnessed the testimony of God’s people moaning, desiring to rule, and gossiping.

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Distractions: A Prophetic Teaching

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