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False Prophets: A Prophetic Teaching

Chapter 4
A False Version

Till that last generation when the Headstone (Jesus) rests on His temple (the church), the anointing of the ministry is to teach the body of Christ to see Jesus as He really is. This is a quite a difficult task because many of us including those in ministry have versions of Jesus that are contrary to His Character and His Word. The Father has all of His plans in His Son and in His Son's bride, and again many of us have obtained contrary plans. In reality, we have somewhere along this journey of ours - received a false version of Who Jesus is (at least in part).

Normally our response to receiving something false is “not me, but I know many Christians who has received a false version”. We are always slow to admit when we have become victims to error. This is similar to “those in the world” that have been swindled by a con artist; they normally will not report the crime because they have to admit their gullibility. We do the same; we have been conned at times. The EVIDENCE of this fact is seen in this; if we had received only that which was Christ then the product we now display would possess only His character. Instead we display the product of our own nature and our own character – this is proof that we have received that which pertains to another Jesus (at least in part). Therefore the “knowledge” that we speak of is EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE, knowledge you experience daily that is in Christ.

Lets look at a natural picture of what I am saying concerning this truth. This is a truth similar to the “sitting at God’s table” truth. The scriptures are full of illustrations and pictures that clarify truth, many times the exact same truth. Therefore to teach you the principles of edifying others in Christ, God taught us through the picture of seedtime and harvest, through building a temple and through feeding the human body. One of these examples is enough to convey the truth but God desires to CLARIFY the truth, that is - to see it more clearly.

In this book we will deal with the sin of separating ourselves into different Christian camps, not the people, the camps themselves. The definition of a camp is a “way of believing” and it includes – “just about all of us”. In other words we all normally belong to a camp in the present church, but what God has allowed is not what God is going to allow. To give you a “seeing” in this area we will give examples of how the body of Christ has separated itself.

There are many depictions (artwork, etc.) of what some think that Jesus looked like, some of them are such famous paintings that when the name of Jesus is mentioned we think of the “Jesus of a certain painting”. But the truth is that we do not know what Jesus looked like. However we do know that He was from a nation that lived on the Mediterranean Sea. He was not American, European, Oriental, or African. He may have been darker skinned because of the climate in the region, and scholars say that He spoke Aramaic. The point I am making is that all of our beliefs in Christ comprise a “version of Jesus”. For example, if you do not believe in a literal hell than “your Jesus” does not look like the “Jesus that sits on the throne” concerning that area of your life. Therefore the acceptance of the unscriptural view of a temporal or non-literal hell produces a view of Jesus that is as inaccurate as the famous paintings of Jesus.

When you accept a doctrine or teaching then it paints a picture and forms a version of Jesus that you hold as true. For example I heard the same "self proclaimed prophet" that I mentioned in chapter 3, teach the people of God about this scripture: Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (KJV) His teaching said that the word for light was not light as it pertains to weight but instead it was rays of light as from the sun. As He continued it was a morsel that got swallowed by many because of his convincing appeal. The problem is that this Greek word always means light in regards to weight. It is used again in 2 Corinthians 4:17 regarding “light affliction”. This man was an older man from a camp that calls themselves “prophetic”. Though this may not be indicative to the camp he preaches in but it is indicative of how a minister can become deluded in receiving “another Jesus”. The real Jesus will exchange your heavy burden for His “light in weight” burden. The false Jesus takes your heavy burden and gives you mystical rays of light instead. Jesus is Light but that is not what He gives you in exchange for your heavy burdens. There are technical mistakes that one makes in such instances, but in this case it was a painting that portrays a false Jesus. Those that received what the prophet spoke were transformed into the IMAGE of what he taught. Maybe minutely changed, but no misrepresentation of Jesus must be preached from the pulpit as it was on this night. One does not have to look hard to find examples of this type of misrepresentation but it should not be preached in a church that we attend.

Spiritually speaking we have a clear image of Jesus in some of the foundational areas of doctrine. However we may have a vague view of what Jesus looks like in other foundational areas of doctrine. This is especially seen when we are young in the Lord and have but a vague image of Jesus and have yet to have the canvas of Jesus painted on our heart. This is the problem; we many times fill this vagueness with a false image of Who Jesus is, normally we do this because we trusted the version that a minister taught us.

We now see that a false Christ in the spirit can be illustrated as we see in the natural – such as inaccurate paintings of Jesus. We have a version in the natural that is not correct; we also have a version in the spirit that is not correct. Heresy and deceptions are designed to take a Jesus that you see vaguely and give Him an appearance. It is an appearance that does not resemble the Jesus Who sits on the throne. This is exactly the same point that Jesus taught His disciples when He said that in the last days there would be many false Christ’s.

Matt 24:24

"For false Christ's and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

In 1979, the first year I was saved, I read every end-time prophecy book that was available at the Christian bookstore. After all that reading did I see an accurate version of Jesus concerning end-time prophecy? No, I filled the vague and dimly lit version of Jesus that I possessed at the time with a Jesus, which did not even slightly resemble the true Jesus (That is, in that particular area). What should I have done? Waited on the Father to reveal His Son concerning end-time prophecy. Though I may not have a complete version, it will be accurate to Him Who sits on the throne. Quality not Quantity! If you are tempted to have it all figured out then you will run ahead of what the Holy Spirit intends on revealing to you in DUE SEASON. Receiving man’s speculation and man’s opinion as truth will always produce a false picture of Christ. Trying to figure out Christ and His ways apart from the Holy Spirit unveiling Him to you – will always produce a false version.

We have talked about sitting at God’s table and eating properly and now we speak of receiving an image of Jesus that resembles Him Who sits on the throne concerning doctrinal teachings. The biggest challenge for the church will be in the doctrine of the plan of the Father concerning the last days. The majority of the church has received theology handed down from men that did not have the baptism in the Holy Spirit and whose lives were not reflective of the image of God. If Jesus does not hold to these doctrines, they will be torn down and the thoughts of Jesus concerning these matters will be imparted, in their place. The resistance concerning these false doctrines will be met with much fire for every prophet that is called to blaze this trail. I am one called to this task as many others that God is setting aside. Many are comfortable with the version of Jesus that they have settled down with over the years - but change is coming. As Amos says, “God will not do anything unless He reveals it first to His prophets”, it is also the prophets that bear the burden of imparting this version of Jesus that has been obscured to the church before they occur. The version of Jesus that they preach will not be events but of a Person.

      How far off is the “version” that you hold true?

      If the Lord reveals Himself to you in a way contrary to the “version of Jesus” you hold, can you put "your version" to death?

False Views

To further clarify this point, all of us have been taught false doctrine concerning Jesus and His ways, and in immaturity most of us believed that this doctrine was a true version of Who Jesus is. We then received it and painted a picture of Who Jesus is in our hearts. We believed in this Jesus and followed this Jesus. Some of the doctrine we have received in the past was accurate to Him Who sits on the throne and some of it is inaccurate. As we continue to grow in the Lord, we are faced with how Jesus “really looks” - this is part of being spiritually mature. At the time we are faced with how “He really looks”, we face the dilemma of confessing we had accepted a false Christ concerning this view – this is where the pride of man rises up! If we reject the view that is now presented to us by the Holy Spirit then the result is a dead religion instead of relationship.

If a deception has run deep then we will be tempted to continue on the route with the least amount of confusion. For example if I accepted the doctrine that says, tha t the age of apostles, prophets and gifts of the Spirit have pas sed away and kept this doctrine for years and taught on it, even built other doctrines upon it, to now reject this doctrine will appear to disrupt everything I have ever believed. This is why we must always be clothed with humility, to always remain in a place where we have a pure heart that sees God. For our example, we must refuse the lie, the false doctrine, and the false version, no matter how painful it may be and accept the true version that “sets us free”. Men that misunderstood the scriptures taught this particular doctrine. They read 1 Corinthians 13 where it said, “that these things pass away when the perfect has come”. To them the perfect is interpreted “scriptures”. Therefore when the scriptures were given the rest of these gifts were not needed. The problem is the scriptures are only a signpost that point to Jesus Who is the Word of God – the signpost is a means to the end. These men that teach “the passing away of gifts” - exalted the signpost instead of Jesus Who is the Perfect One. Their lack of knowing Jesus as the Word of God has built a foundation of scripture with head knowledge apart from Holy Spirit revelation. Their journey ends at the signpost but our journey must have scriptures revealed to us and then we “go on” to EXPERIENCE where the scriptures have directed us. If they had heard God they would have noticed that the gifts have not passed away and they can be seen in action in the two witnesses in scriptures found in Revelation. If the gifts have passed away then the two witnesses are false prophets.

So why have so many in the church fallen for obvious error? It is because they are comfortable with their portrait of how Jesus looks and the resistance to change takes hunger to know the True Jesus. The exaltation of scriptures above the Person – The Word of God is not only found in this doctrine but the same principle is found in almost every denomination and movement on the Earth. The scriptures are so important, but the purpose is that they point to Jesus. You have to know scriptures to get to the destination but many study the signpost and misunderstand the directions or do not travel to experience the destination. Understanding more of the signpost requires you to experience a life in Christ. I encourage academic study of scriptures that proceeds to EXPERIENCING JESUS.

2 Cor 3:18

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. (NKJ)

      Only by seeing Him as He is, can we be transformed into His image.

      If we have obtained a FALSE PICTURE of Who He is, then we shall be transformed into that which does not represent the true temple of God.

Corporate View

In the lasts days the church will view the image of Jesus in truth and glory. The church will be purged of all false views. The church will be transformed into the SAME IMAGE that is being BEHELD - by the Holy Spirit. The four writers of the gospels also obtained this view, however the view differs. Why is this? Concerning your “accurate view” of Jesus – it is totally unique. There is not one person that has ever had the exact relationship and view of Jesus that you do. It is the same Lord yet your view is different because the personality that God designed you with is also different. There is none with a CONCLUSIVE VIEW except for God. A billion years from now you will have not exhausted all there is to know and view in Jesus. However, there is a complete view that you are destined in this life to see, and you will choose or reject that view. The good news is - it is totally unique to anyone else’s view in the body of Christ because you are totally unique.

The exciting part is this, I have a certain accurate picture of Jesus, and you have a certain accurate picture of Jesus. And the entire body of Christ is included in adding to this picture. Assembled together on that last trumpet blast we shall all comprise an ENTIRE PICTURE of Jesus, we who are alive in Christ and also those who are dead in Christ. As we are gathered together in Christ we also gather together each member’s unveiling of Who Jesus is… until what is seen is a complete and true reflection of Jesus in the earth. Therefore the unique views when gathered together will give us a corporate view.

None of us individually will have revelation of all that is written in scripture. Let us say that God has granted one a revelation of a certain scripture in totality and granted you revelation of a certain scripture, likewise the Holy Spirit unveils God’s Word throughout the body; the end shall be a body that has a total revelation of Him Who is Truth. Through obedience we will be transformed into that same image. Today’s church has focused on one man’s anointing, one man’s gifting, one man’s revelation but God has a focus on a corporate man’s anointing and revelation. The corporate man we speak of is simply a church attached to the head (Jesus) and sees Him as He is and therefore we have become like Him. To what degree does your life have to resemble Jesus to be included in this picture? I do not know, however let us never “go backwards”, and let us never cause Jesus to become a distant view in our lives. Always progress in your walk with Jesus and you when you see Him on that day – you will not be ashamed.

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