Prophetic Anointed Teachings from Temple Builders: The High Calling
by John Robert Lucas


Temple Builders is a prophetic and anointed book that matures God's people.

Temple Builders: The High Calling was finally published in June 2004. This online version was used as a draft version to bring some of the freshness of these prophetic style truths early. I knew that many things had to take place before I could take these seed-like truths and edit them into a finished book.

When editing a movie, the director has to cut scenes that disrupt flow but are still great scenes by themselves. This online version has some scenes that pained me to cut but are sort of like an out-take of the original script. I think it it is anointed and prophetic regardless. I hope you enjoy them.

--John Robert Lucas

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Table of Contents

4       Consider Your Ways  8

4       Called To A More Excellent Way   12

4       The Desire to Grow Up  12

4       Heresy for Dinner   15

4       Puzzle Pieces  16

4       A Hard Saying   17

< p class="MsoToc2">4       False Views  20

4       Corporate View    21

4       The Light of the Holy of Holies  23

4       Temples of God   25

4       different temples OVERVIEW: 26

4       Wheat and Tares  26

4       Believing God Instead of Man   30

4       Eyes to SEE  31

4       Prayer for Revelation   32

4       Falling in Love  34

4       The Jesus Blueprint   37

4       Sorting Out Affliction   40

4       Seed of Affliction   41

4       Boasting In Christ   43

4       Paul - A Mature Example  44

4       A Suffering Messiah   45

4       Fire Causes Fruit Bearing   46

4       Test of Responses  48


4       Healer of Your Broken Heart   55

4       Old Testament Suffering   55

4       The Discourse  60

4       Elihu the Prophet   61

4       The Root Purpose of Affliction   63

4       Sow to the Spirit   64

4       Summer is Here  65

4       Spiritual Gifts  68

4       How Far Can We Go?  71

4       Heresies Are Among You! 73

4       False Temples  75

4       How Paul Dealt with Heresy   79

4       Categorically False Ministry   80

4       Our Own Iniquity   82

4       You Will Be a Victim    87

4       How Did Paul Preach?  91

4       Ministry of Meat   92

4       Gold Temple Materials  96

4       The 2 Trees  97

4       Silver Temple Materials  98

4       Precious Stone Materials  99

4       The Laver Reflection   100

4       Who We Are  102

4       The Glorious Stone  104

4       Natural Elements for Building   106

4       Wood House Building: 106

4       True Church Government   110

4       Prophetic Forerunners  112

4       Prophet Misconceptions  114

4       Offensive Prophets  115

4       HAY House Building: 116

4       Dividing Words  117

4       Stubble House Building: 118

4       The End Result   119

4       3 Fold Truths  122

4       God’s Soldiers  124

4       God’s Athletes  125

4       God’s Farmers  126

4       Forfeiting Our Rights  126

4       Moses – The Father’s Heart   128

4       Arise and Let Us Build   131

4       The Attacks  131

4       Distributing Wealth   134

4       Wearing Out the Saints  134

4       Ezra’s Great Project   136

4       Leaven in the Camp  137

4       A Finished Temple  138

4       Speculation   140

4       Placement Theology   143

4       Fullness of the Gentiles  146

4       Present Truth   147

4       Revival Manifestation Issues  153

4       Revival Manifestations  155

4       Scriptural Responses  157

4       Let Us Discern   157

4       THUNDER OF ALIENATION –              THUNDER 1. 163

4       THUNDER OF JUDGMENT –                 THUNDER 2. 165

4       THUNDER OF CONSECRATION –          THUNDER 3. 167

4       THUNDER OF THE COMING –              THUNDER 4. 168

4       THUNDER OF GOD’S GLORY –              THUNDER 5. 172

4       THUNDER OF ENEMY’S DEFEAT –       THUNDER 6. 174

4       THUNDER OF RESTORATION –            THUNDER 7. 175



Revision November 21st, 1999


We desired to publish this book through normal publishing houses but the Lord spoke firmly that “His desire” was that this book should remain as a document available to the global Internet audience to be read online without any charge. Therefore this book can be downloaded to most computers to be read online for free from our website at We charge for the printed version to cover our publishing costs however if one cannot afford our requested price of $14.99 then we simply ask that they send whatever they can afford.

Amos 7:14-15

Then Amos answered and said to Amaziah, "I am not a prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet; for I am a herdsman and a grower of sycamore figs. "But the LORD took me from following the flock and the LORD said to me, 'Go prophesy to My people Israel.' (NAS)

I am not a professional writer or a professional minister - in other words that is not my occupation. Amos the prophet had an occupation of being a “herdsman” and a “grower” and then was taken by the Lord to prophesy. I likewise have an occupation and was taken by the Lord to speak forth some words on God’s heart for this hour. I will continually work on improving the technical aspect (grammar and spelling) of the book but the priority is always on relaying what God is saying in present truth – this is foremost. IT IS THE WAY OF GOD TO USE THE MOST UNLIKELY CANDIDATES TO ACCOMPLISH HIS WILL.

Mostly, I covet response concerning this book. If this book ministers to you then I am “ministered to” as well, if you grow then I can rejoice with you, if you produce “fruit that remains” then I can be a partaker with you in that fruit. Please write via email or “regular mail” how this book has impacted your life. The more specific you get about what passage has set you free, the more it will encourage me to minister likewise in the future. In normal publishing a book is gauged as successful if many copies are sold. I am simply satisfied with believers growing up unto maturity and I am consoled if this book has helped to accomplish that. I deeply appreciate your response in this matter.

This book is a journey. We will travel to many areas of our life as Christians - that hinder FURTHER TRAVELING. Our destination is a mature and fruitful life that pleases Jesus – our Friend. Within every true believer, this is the desire that was birthed inside of us. This desire of pleasing Jesus has been hindered by many obstacles and immature thinking. This book is a journey that puts our hearts on the altar to examine the “things” that hinder us from pleasing Jesus. Jesus is pleased when we think like Him; this is a sharing of His thoughts and desires. Jesus is pleased when we do like He does; this fulfills the desire of the Father for children who have learned obedience.

The journey this book travels on will bring us to many cross roads. We must examine why we believe what we believe. If a convincing Bible teacher has misled us, we must have the courage that Peter displayed when he saw the vision of the sheet. Peter was mightily used of God and yet he held a doctrine that was hindering the plan of God. He was taught all his life of the importance of the law, the importance of such things as refraining from eating an unclean animal. It was his tradition, it was in scripture, it became cultural, and yet God shows an unclean animal and speaks to Peter “kill and eat”. Peter struggled with the unveiled doctrine that Gentiles were no longer unclean and Gentiles that became saved did not have to perform the law requirement of circumcision. In every one of us is the “Peter” that is stubborn to hear what God is saying concerning His plan. We must have the courage to see, hear and do what is on Jesus’ heart no matter what we have believed all of our life.

Our journey continues to deal with sufferings, persecution, and all types of affliction. We also must deal with church issues such as the popularity of those that call themselves heresy hunters and yet deal soberly with the issue that seems to most offend the heresy hunters – current revivals. In addressing these types of issues, we open up a can of worms, as the expression goes. These are serious issues that cause the church to stumble and remain immature. Many that have observed these issues have discerned the lack of God’s character in them, yet we have not dealt with these issues that contain leaven in a manner that will purge. By not confronting these issues with truth, we have allowed the leaven to spread throughout the body. However, improperly dealing with these issues can cause more damage than the issue itself. THEREFORE WE MUST POSSESS THE FEAR OF GOD IN GREAT MEASURE WHEN CONFRONTING ISSUES THAT ARE GREAT IN CONTROVERSY.

In this journey of ours, we also come to a place where we must understand the purpose of affliction. God will reveal the book of Job and his life, as you have never seen it before, so that we may understand affliction as never before seen. Proceeding forward, we examine the book of Nehemiah to show us a man who displayed the response to attacks that pleases God. Our journey deals with the many places we can be imbalanced in doctrine and in activities and sets that path straight. These books of the Bible have applicable meaning to where we are hurting.

God reveals how all these pieces of the puzzle will fit with the culmination of His plans for the Church. This journey ends with “Seven Thunders”; a chapter that unfolds a mystery in the book of Revelation written over 1900 years ago. This chapter reveals what the 7 thunders are, and in a way that could never have come through a teacher trying to academically figure it out. The Apostle John received it through inspiration from the Spirit and it must be revealed, totally - the same way.

This book is not meant as an exhaustive teaching; instead this book has a particular anointing of portraying truth in a manner that will give hope to reach our finishing line. When I was born again and baptized on October 21st, 1979, I saved the church bulletin for that day. In the bulletin it said, “if a hypocrite is between you and God, he is actually closer to God than you are”. I kept that saying as a trademark of my life to not let the way other Christians think and act – to separate me from Jesus. I have had valleys where I allowed this saying to occur anyways. Disillusioned with the current church & ministry wineskin, I disassociated myself from Jesus’ body. After restoration I saw that the problem was never the church, the ministry, or the hypocrite; the problem always resided in my heart. It is my heart that had to be dealt with, it is your heart that always must be dealt with – IN ANY ISSUE. No matter how many attacks from other believers we have endured, no matter how many poor witnesses have existed – we must never allow that to hinder our relationship with Jesus and the race that He has called us to finish. This book gives me hope in finishing, in being accepted in His love, and in being fitted into His body. I believe that this book will strengthen your hope as well.

Finally, I believe that this book is a FORERUNNER. These truths are fresh insight to scriptures that have been vague or misunderstood. It is not really new revelation in the sense that God is speaking something He has not yet spoken. It is more simply a uncovering or unveiling of scriptures that have been hid to the mainstream church in this generation. This unveiling has been occurring all through this century through many of God’s servants who have been forerunners of truth. God will raise up many more servants that will handle God’s present truth and unveil it to the 21st century believers as well. The challenge exists throughout this message to abandon old wineskins completely and receive God’s new wineskin full of the fruit of the vine. We must change our thinking and likewise change our course to match this new thinking. It is not enough to learn these things, we are destined to walk in all these things if we choose Jesus’ way instead of man’s way. The Apostle Paul said “I HAVE FINISHED THE RACE” <NIV> We must come to a place where we follow this example that Paul set. This book gives God’s view of the race and the ability to run that race. I trust that as you study and receive this message, you will in reality be closer to the finishing line than you ever imagined.

Thank You for having the courage to run in such a way as to FINISH.

John Robert Lucas 

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