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Book Update


Book 1: Completing proofread and cover design phase
and should be available for all book stores--Summer 2004
"Temple Builders - The High Calling"

Book 2: Heavy Edit stage
"Temple Builders - A Higher Wisdom"

Book 3: Heavy Edit stage
"Temple Builders - The Final Push to the Summit"

- Publisher: Shofar Publishing
- Book size: 220 pages
- Book Price: $15.99
- Publishing date target: July 2004

Thanks for your support through the years.
- John R. Lucas

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John R. Lucas


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The Temple Builders Book Series:
  • A prophetic challenge to the church of our Lord Jesus
  • Ministry to God's afflicted people, rescuing from the pit
  • Training God's holy people in maturity, in the steps of Jesus

Remember, the draft version is an early writing whereas the edited version has new content and some old content removed. Also, we have put a lot of work into readability of the soon-to-be published version.


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  Temple Builders: The High Calling
            —a journey to God's highest place


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ISBN: 0-9743702-0-7

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Introduction & Front Matter

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Temple Builders: The High Calling
a journey to God's highest place
     by John Robert Lucas

"Temple Builders: The High Calling" brings you to God's ultimate calling for your life--a life of temple building.

Is God speaking to you about maturity?
Is God pressing your life?
Is God leading you to a higher level?

Are you confounded about contradictory teachings flooding the church?
Are you confused about God's primary way of dealing with us
a way of affliction and suffering?
Are you ready for God to overhaul your heart and mind?

you are ready for Temple Builders!

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Download free eBook of Temple Builders by John Robert Lucas
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Order at most local bookstores!
ISBN: 0-9743702-0-7

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by John Robert Lucas

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