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Minister: Rick Vilaro
Phone: (863) 858-4391


444 Alondra Court

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Plans come standard with:

FrontPage 2000 support
99.9% uptime
MySql Database
Control Panel
Sub Domains
CGI, PHP Support
Email Accounts
Email forwarding
Email auto responder
Email aliases
(several email names for 1 account)
Mailing list
No contracts!
Billed quarterly or Annually.

Our Promise
  At Exemplar Web Hosting we will do everything possible to help you spread God's word.
   By using tools like Subscribed Mail Lists to keep people informed of events. Forums to post messages and interact with others on the Internet.
   You control all content using these tools. Not to mention the power of Real Audio delivering sermons and music.

   Our sites are backed up monthly to protect your work. In these times hard drives do fail and we are prepared for any computer problems.

   Even if you do not know the first thing about creating a web site we can help. By using our Site Studio program you can make a professional looking web site in minutes. We have many templates to choose from. All that is required is for you to fill in the blanks in this easy to use program.
Try the demo and take a look at a site created using Site Studio.
Site Studio will cost $20 extra for the first year only.

   No matter what the problem we will help you achieve your goal.

   We often get asked, "How can you afford to offer such an incredible web hosting package with unmatched quality of service?" Simply put, we do not make profit from this web host organization. We invest ALL revenue into system expansion and finer quality of service (QOS). We do not take a salary or any rewards for our service. In fact, the service is our reward.

   If you have no knowledge of how web hosting works, Please call and let us help you Spread the Word.

Rick Vilaro
Exemplar Web Hosting


Christian Web Hosting by Exemplar

Special TEMPLE BUILDERS price!
$50.00 per year for 500 megabytes of space!

Plus FREE advertising to help traffic building initiatives

( receives approx. 20 thousand unique visitors a month)


Small Church Plan

For your Church or Family related web site!

For $30/year:

-FREE Setup !

-100 MB of web space

-1000 MB of file transfer

-5 email accounts

Basic Church Plan
For your Church or Christian related web site!
For $50/year:

-FREE Setup !

-500 MB of web space

-1500 MB of file transfer
-Unlimited email accounts

Business Plan
For your small and large business web site !
For $60/year:

-FREE Setup !

-500 MB of web space

-1500 MB of file transfer

-Unlimited email accounts


Real Audio included
 in basic plan


 This price is for Christian sites and Non Profit Organizations only.
Commercial sites are $60 per year!

Why host with us?
You can have "content confidence" in your web host company. We do not host adult sites, gambling sites, questionable content sites, or questionable business practice sites.

 We help drive traffic to your site. Because Temple Builders is considered a popular site by Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines, whoever we link to will automatically become popular to the search engines. This will help your keywords to rank better in search engines.

We link directly to your site from Temple Builders. Every click-through to your site saves you advertising money. Clicks are worth $$$.

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