These are pages and old writings that I have retired.

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Temple Builders
download page for the online book.

Maps of Israel.

Tabernacle images and teachings: Describes the tabernacle of Moses, also called the Tabernacle in the Wilderness.

Online HTML version of the book. November 1999

Real audio praise & worship songs

Online HTML version of the book. July 2002.

Article: Prophetic Forerunners.

Article: Worship in Truth:

Article: Temple Building Materials:

Article: The Tabernacle of Moses:

Article: Prophetic Ministry.

--From this early chapter, I built the chapter "Sit at God's Table" in the book Temple Builders: The High Calling.


Article: Prophetic Events: The 7 Thunders.

I will end Book III, Temple Builders: The Final Push to the Summit based on this early chapter.

Article: Heresy Hunters

Article: Affliction

An early Job-Kind-of-Affliction chapter.

Article: 3 Fold Truths

This version has a chart. Also known as three fold truths or 3-fold truth.

Online HTML version of the book. November 2002.

Old Opening Page

George Warnock

For good study resources we recommend these books by Kevin J. Conner:

The Tabernacle of Moses

Interpreting the Symbols and Types

The Feasts of Israel

The Temple of Solomon